2020 Complete Origami: From zero to hero!

No glue, no cuts, a paper square and your fingers are all that you need

The Complete Course of Origami: Step-by-Step Instructions

Hours of enjoyment await with this big book of origami fun. Whether you’re an experienced paperfolder or you’re just entering the origami world, you’ll find 25 captivating models galore right here, in all their well-illustrated glory.

Start with a butterfly, a boat, a cicada, or claws of Wolverine. Advance to a dragon, a koala, an eagle, or a bat. Once you complete this course, you can teach your kids how creating a thing from a piece of paper.

You can make an origami craft class in your region or school once you finish this course. You will be able to make friends, set an origami lovers class, and of course you can take our intermediate course or higher level.

Who this course is for:

You want to learn a new skill
You want unique gifts for your friends


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