Fresher Hiring the Complete guide : Best Hiring Practices

Guide on Fresher Hiring : The Recruitment Process Life Cycle, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation of Effectiveness


  • Knowledge of Management and Recruitment
  • Management Degree/Diploma
  • Any aspiring management professional


Section 1 : Introduction
A. What is Recruitment and Selection, how it is different in case of Campus/Fresher Recruitment

B. Advantages and Disadvantages of Fresher Recruitment

Section 2 : Planning and Implementation

A. Gap analysis and Capacity Building

B. Industry Connect and Pre-Placement Session

C. Conducting the Interview Process : Selection Process, Interview and Evaluation

Section 3 : Offer and On-boarding

A. Post offer Followup and Connection

B. On-boarding and Induction of Fresher

C. Outline of Fresher Training Plan

Section 4 : Course Work and Documents

A. A Case study based assignment

B. Template, Online Material and Structure

C. Assignment : A 5 Years Road Map

Who this course is for:

  • HR Professional
  • Aspiring Managers and HR Professionals
  • Campus Hiring Professional and Recruiters
  • any aspiring professional


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