Basic Cantonese For Beginner Course Overview


  • Pencil, iPad, Notebook, Paper

Here is the overview of Elementary Cantonese Course

01 Elementary Introduction

02 Elementary Cantonese Grammar

03 Elementary Chinese Writing And Romanization

04 Elementary Pronouns

05 Elementary Possession

06 Elementary Possession And Existence

07 Elementary Being

08 Elementary Noun Classifiers

09 Elementary Adjectives

10 Elementary Adverb of Manner

11 Elementary Adverbs Of Time Frequency And Duration

12 Elementary Comparison

13 Elementary Preposition

14 Elementary Negation

15 Elementary Verbs Of Motion

16 Elementary Verbs Of Giving

17 Elementary Verbs And Particles

18 Elementary Actions And Events

19 Elementary Activities

20 Elementary Auxiliary Verbs

21 Elementary Passives

22 Elementary Word Order And Topicalization

23 Elementary Yes/No Questions

24 Elementary Wh-Questions

25 Elementary Sentence Particles

26 Elementary Imperatives

27 Elementary Requests And Thanks

28 Elementary Numbers Dates And Times

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner in Cantonese

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