Boost Your Japanese Speaking Skills: Conversational Course

Boost Your Japanese Speaking Skills: Conversational Course

  • Be above elementary level in Japanese
  • Have a strong will

“Boost Your Japanese Speaking Skills” is a course FULLY TAUGHT IN JAPANESE designed towards Elementary to Pre-Intermediate level speakers of Japanese, aimed at improving students’ verbal skills to Upper-Intermediate Level. It is taught by Mira, JLPT N1 certified instructor living & working in Japan for almost 10 years. You will learn the target grammar structures, vocabulary, culture notes and gestures, so you can speak and sound native in Japanese.

This course includes:

  • Real life conversations
  • Lectures on grammar explanation and vocabulary
  • Introduction of Japanese manners and gestures
  • Culture Note series on hot and useful topics
  • Full English captions for all the videos

Each section focuses on a certain theme and explores it from multiple angles allowing you to understand the subject more in depth.

There are 3 main end goals from this course:

  •   Learn grammatical structures and put them in practice to formulate sentences of your own
  •   Expand vocabulary to better understand conversational Japanese
  •   Familiarize ourselves with gestures and topics unique to Japan

If you want to make Japanese friends, if you want to speak to locals in your next trip to Japan or if you simply want to take your Japanese to the next level, this course will help you succeed in improving your Japanese.

*Credit to Vecteezy(dot)com for the course image

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to improve their Japanese conversational skills
  • Current & Future visitors to Japan
  • Anyone curious and amazed by Japan
  • People planning to study in Japan



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