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Are you wondering what to do at home during this Covid 19 stay home period?Fuss no more….lots of ideas for you to try.  I have compiled a list of activities you can do at home alone or with others.  Have you not tried baking before? Are you worried that your bread will not turn out well or burnt ? Fret no more.   I have gone through all these fears when I first started baking for the beginner.   After many rounds of experimenting and trying all sorts of recipes and failing, I have found the secret to baking bread.    It will blow your mind to find out how easy it is. Bake a no-fuss bread and pizza. Make your own home-made sandwich.  Also grow your own salad from seeds for sustainability and budget keeping.  Make some fuss free health drinks like pandan drink, blue pea flower drink and soya bean milk yourself and more. Also try to make laksa yourself at home.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Baker
  • People who want to make their own healthy drinks
  • Those who want to grow sprouts on their own to make a healthy salad
  • People who are looking for activities to do at home to save money during Covid-19 Stay at Home period


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