Building Resilience for Success in challenging situations


  • None. Just an open mind

Resilience is a powerful skill which helps us to withstand any upsets or shocks which come at us as a part of life. LIfe is uncertain and unpleasant things happen to all of us. When something happens and we are at the receiving end, we may tend to feel victimized or get into a state of fear, melancholy or anxiety. A strong and resilient mind ensures that we take the setback, turn it around, act on it and move forward to succeed in that situation.

In this course you will learn about what is Resilience, benefits of Resilience, why we fail to be resilient, mindset of a resilient person and key steps to be more resilient so as to succeed in challenging and difficult situations.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone above the age of 18 years


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