Complete CodeIgniter Course for Beginners (Step by Step)

Basics of PHP & MySQLi

In this course you will learn the most popular PHP framework CodeIgniter. We will learn everything in codeigniter from a beginners level to an advanced level.

Here you will learn to build a fully function web application from scratch. You will learn to build an EMS Web App (Employee Management System). You will also learn to host your web app on a free web server for testing purpose.

You will learn the following in this Complete CodeIgniter Course for Beginners:

MVC Framework

Basic Concepts


Working with Database


Error Handling

Form Validation

Session Management

Common Functions

Page Redirection

Application Profiling

Adding JS and CSS

Much much more

Who this course is for:
Anyone hwo wants to learn CodeIgniter in-depth
Anyone who wants to learn web development
Anyone who wants to build their own web app
Anyone who wants extend their skills in PHP & MySQLi
Anyone who wants to learn OOP’s Web Development


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