Draw a glass with the Paintology app


  • Paintology app available on the Google play store
  • Preferably an Android tablet with a stylus

Digital drawing does not have to be difficult. With a tablet and a good drawing app, you can make good drawings just like with paper and pencil.

Using the free android app called Paintology, you can create drawings that are fun and easy to do, thanks to its simplistic interface and powerful features. In addition, the app has many brushes that can simulate the feel of charcoal, acrylics, oils etc.

There is no shortage of creativity in drawing with the tablet and the Paintology app. Here I show you how easily you can produce this drawing of a glass. All you need is an hour of your time and a keen sense to accomplish. Have fun!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner digital artists
  • Learning digital drawing easily and quickly
  • Step by step learning digital drawing
  • Students interested in improving their drawing skills


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