Drum Lessons with ULTIMATE DRUMMING Intermediate R&R #4


  • Completion of ULTIMATE DRUMMING courses 1,2 and 3 or prior knowledge of basic Rock & Roll beats.

This course will enhance students drumming expertise with these fun to play Rock & Roll beats. It is divided into two sections containing five video lessons each.  Section #1 combines 8th and 16th note combinations that create some very interesting rhythmic possibilities.  Section #2 is a study of 1/4 note Rock using the (&s) on the ride cymbal that gives the music an “up” type feel.  Upon completion of this course, students will be quite diverse  and skilled with these excellent Rock & Roll beats. These great sounding beats have been used on 1000’s of hit songs performed by the top drummers in the world. 100% Drumming fun is guaranteed.!

Who this course is for:
  • Upper level beginner to intermediate level students who wish to advance their drumming skills


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