Exploring the Learning Disability Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia


  • For those, who may believe that they may have a LEARNING DISABILITY; it is required that you consume this ENGAGING INTERACTIVE experience in a quiet environment – void of possible distractions.


As a Child and Youth Care Worker with 14 years in Behavioural Neuroscience; this resource was created out of 30+ years of both Professional and Personal experiences.
There is nothing more frustrating than NOT knowing what to do and how to succeed when Learning Difficulties are holding you back.
If you’re not sure why you have deficits in Math Skills and Concepts, computing, remembering match facts/formulas, concepts in time, money and other mathematical requirements; then this COURSE WILL HELP YOU!

If you’re not sure why you have deficits in Written Expression, handwriting, spelling, expressing ideas in the written form; then this COURSE WILL HELP YOU!

If you are searching for STRATEGIES that you can adapt to make the most of your abilities and to learn ways to make the best of your UNIQUE WAY OF LEARNING; then this COURSE WILL HELP YOU!

You will learn to recognize signs and characteristics of those who struggle with these Learning Disabilities.
I believe that with the proper guidance you CAN move out of some of the CHARACTERISTICS associated with Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia.

I am so excited that we’ll be getting to know one another in this HIGHLY INTERACTIVE ENGAGING and truly FUN and EXCITING learning process.

See you on the other side;


Who this course is for:

  • Individuals with diagnosed or undiagnosed Learning Deficits,
  • IEP Administrators,
  • Home Schooling Teachers,
  • Special Needs Educators,
  • Parents of children with Special Needs,
  • Neuro Physician,
  • Audiologist,


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