How To Start A Business: Entrepreneurship Essentials

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You might have a great idea that you don’t know how to validate it and transform it into a successful startup that can help you generate a lot of money.

In this course, we will be going through several topics that can help you understand the aim of Entrepreneurship and the art of starting your own business of your area of expertise. We will be starting by how to build your own personal brand up to reaching of how to exit your startup.

In this course you will learn:

How to build your own personal brand that could be trusted by your customers, because people buy from people based on trust

What is Entrepreneurship? Are we born entrepreneurs or we learn the skills? What do I need to be an Entrepreneur?

How to validate your idea and get the best analytics before starting your business?

How to make the best market research that can support you when building your startup

Before we start our startups we need to create a business model canvas which is the guidelines for the startup

Setting SMART goals for your business is part of your success

Team is the main pillar of success, how can you find the team that can complete the puzzle

To save time and money one of the methods before launching your product or service is to create an MVP (minimum viable product) to test it and see what you need to develop

Part of understanding the startup Eco-system is to know how to make good traction of Sales & Marketing – how to implement sales strategy and empower your team.

Pitching methods

How to get investments and what are the types of investors and why shall they invest their money on your startup

In Conclusion this course is a handbook for any Entrepreneur to begin their own startup according to a clear vision and study with a heavy weight milestones that could be achievable till we reach how to get an investment to your startup and put an exit strategy.

Who this course is for:
People seeking to start their own business

How To Start A Business: Entrepreneurship Essentials


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