Intensive Course on Banking & Finance


  • Impart Banking and Finance knowledge and skills together with technology-familiarity and customer-orientation
  • High quality academic rigor and specially prepared courseware
  • Students undertaking the course will have comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge in the subject of banking and finance
  • The Course offers practical insights into the subjects while, at the same time, emphasizes robust theoretical foundation
  • The course will make the candidates job ready
  • The course is so designed that most employers would value it for talent scouting
  • The course is cost effective and at the same time high in quality


Banking is the backbone of a nation’s economy. There are numerous banking jobs available post the new Banking Licenses, Small Bank Licenses & Payments Bank Licenses issued by the RBI. The sector may create up to 20 lakh new banking jobs in the next 5-10 years. There will be a growing demand for qualified manpower for the banking and finance sector in the coming years on account of the expansion of the volume of business and large-scale retirement of personnel.

Banking and finance industry will require professionally qualified manpower endowed with banking and finance knowledge and skills together with technology-familiaritycustomer-orientation and hands-on application skills who can be assigned to various desks/jobs with minimal training intervention at the bank level. In view of the huge current as well as potential demand for the professionally qualified manpower for the banking and finance sector, and to ensure a steady stream of industry-ready professionals at the entry-level.

The course will give knowledge inputs to the candidates and expose them to the operational processes and modern banking environment so that they can effectively carry out Banking and Finance related Operations. It gives an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of the Banking & Financial Service Industry and provides practical knowledge of operational aspects of the banking sector as well as the Sales aspects like selling process, relationship management.

This course will give you a comprehensive picture of the banking industry. Your chance to succeed in the high growth, high potential banking industry starts with this course.

In this course, you will receive weekly fresh new video lectures.v

Who this course is for:

  • Any student who has completed or pursuing B com, M Com, BFM, BAF, BBI, BIM, BMS, BA, B Sc and keen on a banking job.
  • Pursuing Post graduation or post graduates willing to start their career with a banking Job
  • Working professional seeking a career in banking sector
  • Ambitious heads awaiting their opportunities of working with private sector banks


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