Intro To Branding For Small Businesses.

Before you purchase this course, please read the course description and watch the free preview videos. Ensure that this content is what you are looking for; if not, you still have 30 days to refund your money!
This course will NOT be talking about personal branding or branding for freelancers.
This course will NOT be talking about creating a social media page, google analytics, or quick tips and tricks on how to sell. There are a lot of other great tutorials that cover those subjects, in this course, we will be focusing on the CORE FUNDAMENTALS of building long and lasting brands that deliver value to the market, without these fundamentals we won’t be able to create a healthy branding message no matter how hard we try!
This course will talk about branding for small businesses with a physical product.
If you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, this course will include all the knowledge you need to build a strong brand from scratch, don’t confuse yourself with different materials! Focus on the class content, study them carefully, once you understand all the aspects of this course, then you can move toward other materials.
The course is packed with visuals and examples, a lot to cover in 120 mins, so you need to be 100% in focus, no multitasking! Make sure to grab a notebook and a cup of a drink that you desire.
This course will be talking about different aspects of creating successful brands such as business, marketing, consumers behaviors and visual communication, so please keep an open mind, if there is something that you can not understand, you are more than welcome to leave me a message.
This course includes complete English subtitles.


In order for your small business to succeed, stay in the market for an extended period, and acquire customers’ loyalty, it must be built and operate as a brand.

People trust brands, excellent quality brands become people default purchasing option, this is why people get used to going back to their last brand and keeping buying over and over again if the brand makes them happy then why should they change?

Therefore you must shift your business strategy from product or service-oriented to a brand-oriented, find your unique audience, match their personality, fulfill their desires and deliver value to high value until they become your loyal customers.


For a small business to succeed it must connect with its audience on a personal level, Successful Brands understand the value of connecting through emotions, fulfilling People’s desires. They adopt a unique personality and differentiate their products and services.

Another factor in building a successful business is to focus on establishing trust with your customers by providing high-value products, customer service, and combining it with a delightful experience.


All brands begin with a unique and valuable idea, the idea must have a meaning and a purpose which is called a vision and mission, this approach should be targeted to a specific segment of the audience, if you try to serve everyone you may end up helping no one.

Give your idea a life and character through brand personality to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition; you also have to dress up your brand and become visually appealing once your idea is bright and attractive then you must communicate it to your audience.


That’s right, stay away from price competition, as Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel said “competition is for losers” it will damage your business and might get you out of business too soon.

Instead, significant brands focus on serving a small niche for a targeted audience then slowly grow and expand for a broader market, focus on long-term strategy, increase your brand value, provide excellent product quality, customer service and serve your loyal customers.


Many businesses lack knowledge about developing and promoting their services to their customers because:

First and the most important is a lack of understanding of how customers interact with a new brand or products, they rush to sell and advertise their products and end up with an enormous disappointment where no one is buying.

The second reason is lack of patience; they try to push customers to buy their products instead of introducing slowly to the market, if you are already a big brand or a superstar then there is no reason for you to keep reading this description, you got all the people in the world behind your back.

But if you are a new business owner, then you got to understand the process that your audience go through with your brand and learn what to do at every step of this process, it’s not a good idea to talk when you are supposed to listen!


Have you ever asked yourself who your target audience is? Who are those you trying to help? Solve a problem for or provide a service, what is their culture? Lifestyle? Desires and needs.

Who this course is for:
Entrepreneurs are starting new small business their primary focus on building a successful brand that acquires customers loyalty.
Small business owners want to transform from non-brand or product-oriented business into a recognized brand.
Marketing, sales consultants, and professionals seek a better understanding of consumer behavior and visual communication.
Visual designers seek a better understanding of the relationship between business, marketing, and design.



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