Introduction to the Business of Self-publishing a Book

This is an introductory course with no requirements

This short course provides a free introduction to the business of self-publishing for beginners. This course is intended for those new to self-publishing in search of advice regarding the complexities of the self-publishing process. The course provides answers to the most common novice questions including:

Why publish your book

Why pursue self-publishing instead of traditional publishing

Steps to self-publishing a book

Where you can self-publish your book

Why you should self-publish your book exclusively on Amazon

Benefits of entering the Kindle Select program

Why self-publish a Print on Demand (POD) paperback

When to self-publish your eBook everywhere through Smashwords

Why you should not publish an Audiobook through ACX

After finishing this course you will understand the self-publishing process, your publishing options and which of those options are the best for you.

The course concludes with an article providing pointers to additional Udemy courses explaining how to self-publish a book in multiple formats and on multiple book distributor sites, options for creating a book cover and book marketing tips.

Before attempting to self-publish a book, you need to watch this course!

I’ll see you in the classroom,


Who this course is for:
Those new to writing books for money
Those new to self-publishing books for money
Those unfamiliar with the benefits of self-publishing on Amazon


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