IP Addressing and Subnetting – IN GREAT DEPTH


This course covers all the important topics like  conversion of IP address to decimal and binary form , classful and classless addressing , subnetting

and the vlsm (variable length subnet mask .You will learn about Classful ADDRESSING and its type i.e, Class A,B,C,D and E

you will learn about Classless Addressing,.

I’m going to try and explain in as simple as possible way  and hope to answer all your questions.

After this course you will become an expert at IP addressing and will have in depth knowledge about the different classses in IP Addressing .

Subnetting is said to be one of the important topics we shall understand everything in detail to know how exactly it is done .

The best part is :

I am going to teach everything on whiteboard  so that we realise about how the things are working at each step  .This will help to clear all the concepts  thoroughly.



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