Learn Arabic I Reading&writing I alphabet I for beginners


Welcome to the Arabic alphabet course, this course is for absolute beginners’ level,

This course is for Arabic learning beginners. It is considered the most important level for learning the language. In this course, learners will learn the basics of reading and writing Arabic, as a second language, by an Arabic Language specialist. In this course, the Alphabet are presented according to the four skills; listening, speaking reading and writing. Learners will listen to the sound of the letter, pronounce it after the tutor, then they will learn how to write the new letter. All of which will be processed through specific new words aiming at enriching the learners’ functional language and their mastering of the language usage.

This course has greatly focused on the Arabic phonics; the short vowels, the long vowels, consonants, stress and Tanween. Therefor, Learners will be able to read and write Arabic script easily by the end of this course.


· The way we write the letter.

· The different forms of the letter in words.

· The short vowels related to each letter.

· Examples and exercises.

Who should take this course?

· People who really want to learn a new language and hungry for more knowledge and experience.

· People who want a starting point to work in any Arabic country.

· People who want to use Arabic for communication and business.

· People who want to read the holly Quran.

· People who want to learn about Islam.

· People who want to learn about Arabic Culture.


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