Learning Python the easy way

Basic programming knowledge

This course introduces you to the most sought after language of the day. You will have a whole new experience of learning to program Python step by step with things to note as pop-ups such as syntax, definitions and key points to remember. Knowing the numerous features that Python offers, this course will definitely make it easy for you to recall the concepts as well as commands while implementing them. At the end of every module, this course makes sure you got the concepts right by way of quizzes and assignments which not only gives a good understanding but also gives additional facts there too.

Learn Python 3 through code walkthroughs, covering the

Basic commands in Python shell

Control structures

Fruitful functions

String manipulations

Data structures


Magic methods

Exception handing and lot more…

This course will enable you to start coding Python with confidence right away.

Who this course is for:
Beginner Python developers who wish to gain a strong foundation in Python programming.


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