Personal budgeting and finance /BEST WALLET/Money tracking

Macbook or PC

*** This “Personal budgeting and finance /BEST WALLET/Money tracking” course access includes project files, quizzes & homework exercises, Excel workbook with all sheets from course, 1-on-1 instructor support, LIFETIME access and a money-back guarantee!***




Personal budgeting – it is a very important field. A lot of people became more successful, just becouse they know how to work with their money.

All this course is about creating Electronic wallet and Personal budgeting.

This wallet we will be build in a google spreadsheets, you could do it in Microsoft Excel, but my suggestion – is to do it also in Google spreadsheets.

In general – it is practical workshop…just watch, repeat after me.. and you will create the best electronically wallet for your personal finance and personal budgeting, by the way you will lift up your knowledge of personal finance and finance fundamental on a new level…

Yes the are a lot of different apps and wallets for money tracking… but I ve never found nothing better, then this my idea… everything so simple, so flexible and transparent.

I believe that money tracking – is the first step to be better at personal finance. because money nowadays is an absolutely essential tools for life. The truth is that, it is necessary to know how keto track on your money, use some apps, learn about personal finance and budgeting . Absolutely everyone could get their life on a new level after studying this “Personal budgeting and finance /BEST WALLET/Money tracking” course and applying this knowledge in their lives.

This “Personal budgeting and finance /BEST WALLET/Money tracking” provides you with all the tools and instruments which you need, to understand how to create your best wallet.

I am sure it is not so important to remember each of transactions and money placement , more essential is understand how could you structorize your money and know where you could find current information about your finance statements, placements and personal budgeting.

Thats why my “Personal budgeting and finance /BEST WALLET/Money tracking” consists of very individual, deep and simple explanations of:

How to create money flow \ cash flow sheet and how to work with it

How to create funds sheet and how to work with it

How to create money placement sheet and how to work with it

How to make automatization of your wallwet

How to create a different types of reports

which I placed separately. In this case if you forget some financial or operation information you could come back to my video course and refresh all information in your memory.

By the way.. by creating this course you all will learn Excel on google spreadsheets example

We are cover here so different and interesting tricks, as:

Microsoft Excel Functions & formulas – VLOKUP, SUMIFS, MAX, MIN, IMPORTRANGE and etc.

Microsoft Excel features for data analysis and visualization – Conditional formatting, charts and other..

How to connect google spreadsheets with google forms

And etc.


We will also will be touching those aspects

how to work with google forms

Hw to keep your budget

How could you create your funds

What is it money placement..

Just check a couple of reviews on my “Microsoft Excel tricks ( hacks) (Macbook & Windows) beginner – advanced”

Amazing course!! There’s so much to do with Excel that i couldnt imagine. Now im able to use it not only better in my work, but also for personal stuffs, even for gaming! Thanks a lot!!!!!

Nice lectures.I have learned amazing stuff about excel.


it’s very good , i benefit from every minute in this course

and intructor is be graet

thank to him

My suggestion to you..

If you really want to understand all features and aspects ( such as formulas and functions, data visualization, data analysis, conditional formatting, charts and etc.)in Excel…. Just try this excellent course…

You could use next Software to learn this course:

Any Laptop or Smartphone and my suggestion –

Google Spreadsheets (sheets)

If you want go by a different way, you also could use


Microsoft Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel 2019

Microsoft Excel 2020


Microsoft Excel 2011

Microsoft Excel 2016

And all upper Microsoft Excel version of software

Who this course is for:
people who want to bring in order their own finance
students and teachers
small business owners


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