Projects Cost Management, Estimating, Budgeting and Control.

No prerequisites

This course consist of two parts. The fist part is a theoretical explanation based on the cost management chapter from PMBOK (the book that is used for PMP certificate) and the second part is a practical example about how to apply the theoretical part..

Both parts talk about three main topics:

How to estimate costs for activities in the project, which also include:

Types of Costs

Estimating costs tools and techniques.

Handling Risk Reserves costs

Cost of Quality

Documenting the costs basis of estimates

How to determine project budget, which also include:

Determine cost baseline

Estimate funding requirements

Determine project budget

How to Control Project Costs, through:

Using Earned Value Management Techniques to assess project performance

Calculating CPI, SPI, CV, SV

Forecasting project costs y using Earned Value Management Tools

Who this course is for:
Engineering and IT practitioners
Anyone interrested in project management


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