Quick Steps to Learn Microsoft Power BI


If you search for a course to be able to create interactive reports and dashboards, create beautiful visualizations, create real time reports, analyze different types of data, create reports from a variety of data resources,..etc. , so you are in the right place.

Power BI is one of the most powerful business intelligence tools used in data analysis and reporting.

In this course you will learn how to use power BI in a few and quick steps through a real life example.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to download and install Power BI desktop.
  • Basic requirements for Power BI desktops.
  • Different types of data that can be imported to power BI desktop.
  • How to import different data types.
  • How to transform data.
  • How to edit the imported data.
  • How to use different visualizations.
  • How to use charts, tables, maps, gauges,…etc.
  • How to format visualizations.
  • How to create phone layout.
  • How to publish reports.
  • How to share your work.


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