Realistic Watercolor Painting: From Beginner to Pro | Hindi

Realistic Watercolor Painting: From Beginner to Pro | Hindi

Create realistic watercolor paintings of any object! A practical approach to learning watercolor painting in Hindi/Urdu



  • No prior knowledge of watercolor is required.
  • Basic materials required will be covered in section 2.
  • A hair dryer is recommended to dry the paint fast (not compulsory).


We all have an artist inside of us, hidden somewhere. We all want to create that spectacular masterpiece and show it off to everyone or create something extraordinary and make ourselves proud! It’s all possible. You have to give your inner artist a chance, bring it alive, and do wonders.

This course will bring out the watercolor artist in you by teaching you the basic watercolor techniques and how to implement them. By learning the fundamental concepts of watercolor, you will be able to create a realistic watercolor painting of any object.

Since this is a practical approach to learning watercolor painting, I will demonstrate by making 14 different paintings of everyday objects and animals step by step. You will have to follow along with me as I paint to grasp and develop your painting skills truly.

I am looking forward to having you as my student in this course, and I am sure you will enjoy learning from it as much as I enjoyed making it!

Here are answers to some common doubts regarding the course

1. Is it a live online class?

No, this is a pre-recorded set of 29 lectures which explains everything from choosing brushes to creating beautiful paintings.

It covers 14 different paintings for your learning of watercolors.

2. Do I have to pay every month?

No, it is a one-time payment of Rs.800 and you will get access to the full course and you can watch it anytime.

3. For how long can I access the courses?

You can access the course for a lifetime. You can watch any lecture anytime as many times.

4. Will more lectures be added?

Yes, more lectures can be added if there is a requirement. Overall it will be sufficient to learn watercolor.

5. How will I be able to ask any doubt?

There is a Q&A section where you can ask me any doubt you have with regards to your watercolor painting, and I will answer it as soon as I can.

6. In which language is this course?

This course is in Hindi. English subtitles may be added later.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners who are learning watercolor for the first time and anyone who wants to improve their skills.



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