The Complete Selenium WebDriver with Java Course

No prior coding experience required to take this course
Course covers in depth core Java concepts with plenty of hands on coding exercises
Course cover Selenium WebDriver from basic to advanced levels
Basic installations and setup required for Selenium WebDriver hands-on exercises is covered in depth
Course covers basic and advance element locating strategies
Covers in-depth tutorial on XPath and CSS Selectors
Course teaches how to create your own Test Automation Framework From Scratch
Automation of Web-Tables, Date-Pickers and other complex UI elements is taught in detail

This course covers Selenium WebDriver and Java topics in detail from basic to advanced levels. So, if you don’t have prior knowledge of Java, then you can begin with Java Modules. Start going through ‘Selenium WebDriver’ videos after you develop some fluency in Java. Remember, you don’t need to go through all sessions of Java Course before starting with Selenium WebDriver (because it is an in-depth course on Java and will take a while to finish). First 6 Sections of Java should be sufficient to get you ready for learning Selenium WebDriver.

I believe in example-oriented teaching. So, you won’t find any PPTs during the sessions. But, you will find dozens of real time scenarios used to elaborate Java and Selenium WebDriver concepts.

Feel free to post your questions/feedback in the block provided under each session-video. I will make sure all of your queries are addressed. ‘Course Outline’ below will give you an idea about the depth and the overall coverage of this course. If you want to learn any other Selenium WebDriver concept – which is not already covered in this course – then feel free to let me know via Udemy messenger.

Course Outline:

Java Basics

JDK 10 and Eclipse Installation

Hello World Java Program

Primitive Data Types in Java

‘var’ keyword in Java 10

Arithmetic Operators in Java

Logical and Bitwise Operators in Java

Relational Operators in Java

If – Condition in Java

Nested If – Condition in Java

For Loop in Java

Hands-On Exercises on ‘For Loop’

Nested For Loop in Java

Hands-On Exercises on ‘Nested For Loop’

‘While’ & ‘Do While’ Loop in Java

Loop ‘Break’ & ‘Continue’ Statements in Java

String Basics in Java

String Comparison Operations in Java

String Search Operations in Java

String (Cut) Slice Operations in Java

String Replace Operations in Java

String Conversion Operations in Java

Object Oriented Programing (OOPS) in Java

Concept of Classes and Objects in Java

Hands on exercises on Class and Object

Methods in Java

Method Overloading in Java

Access Specifiers (Access Modifiers) in Java

Constructor in Java

Data Encapsulation in Java

Static Keyword in Java

Concept of Main Method in Java

Class and Object Advanced Exercises

Class Inheritance in Java

Method Overriding in Java

Polymorphism in Java

Super Keyword in Java

Super Class Constructor in Java

Protected Access in Java

Abstraction in Java

Interfaces in Java (Java Interface)

Final Keyword in Java

Data Structures in Java

Arrays in Java

Array Object in Java

Enhanced (Modified) For Loop for Array Iteration in Java

Hands-on Exercises on Array in Java

2-Dimensional Arrays in Java

Hands-on Exercise on 2D Arrays in Java

Array of Object in Java

Array List in Java (ArrayList)

Structure of ArrayList in Java

Linked List in Java (LinkedList)

ArrayList vs LinkedList in Java

List Iterator in Java

Hash Set in Java

Linked Hash Set in Java

Tree Set in Java

Iterating on Set in Java

Hash Map in Java

Tree Map in Java

Iterating Over Maps in Java

Regular Expressions in Java

Introduction to RegEx in Java

Quantifiers in Regular Expressions

Character Classes in Regular Expressions

Bracket Expressions

OR Operator in RegEX

DOT Operator in RegEX

Greedy and Lazy Matching

Hands-on Exercises on Regular Expressions

Regularizing Number Ranges

Exception Handling in Java

What is an Exception in Java?

Error vs Exception in Java

Checked and Unchecked Exceptions in Java

Throws Declaration in Java

Try and Catch Block (Exception Handling) in Java

‘Finally’ Block in Java

Date and Time Operations (Revised in Java 8)

Local Date and Time Operations in Java

Custom Date and Time Operations in Java

Future and Past Date Operations in Java

Future and Past Time Operations in Java

Date Difference Calculation in Java

Time Difference Calculation in Java

DateTime Formatter in Java

Special Classes in Java

Math Class in Java

StringBuilder Class in Java

StringBuilder Methods in Java

Scanner Class in Java

Random Class (for creating random numbers) in Java

UUID Class in Java (for creating universally unique string IDs)

Working with File System in Java

How to Read a Text File in Java?

Apache Commons IO

How to Edit a Text File in Java?

Hands on Exercises with Text Files in Java

Copy and Move (Rename) a Text File in Java

Who this course is for:
Selenium WebDriver automation aspirant
Manual tester willing to jump start your automation carrier
QTP/UFT professional wanting to switch to Selenium as per testing market demand
QE Manager exploring better automation solutions for your project
Fresh grads looking to learn a quick new skill which has high demand in the job market
Anyone aspiring to learn coding and automation
QE Testing Professionals
Selenium Testers
Automation Test Engineers
QE Automation Engineers
Automation Aspirants
Manual Testing Professionals
Software Testing Professionals


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