three courses in one course at microsoft excel

Be able to use pivot
Be able to use excel in data analysis
Create reports
Filter data

The course consists of three sections

The first

is the essence of the excel program

We begin by introducing the program, the shortcuts and everything that will help you to start using the program effectively

Then we begin to define the functions of the program and their uses

We provided an explanation of 41 functions


how to use the Excel program in analyzing data, using pivot, filters, classifications and starting the reporting stage

The third

types and uses of charts in the excel program

Thus, after completing this course, you will have sufficient ability to use the Excel program to enter data, organize data, transfer data to information, analyze data and prepare reports

The course is designed from zero to reach the goal of the course

We have relied on written articles to support the application. The goal is to read the article with its application to achieve the maximum possible benefit from the course.

There is no part of the content that is not applicable and I relied on the examples in each part so that you too can master each part in the course

I hope the course will be unique to you

Who this course is for:
Beginners at excel
Data analysis beginners





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