WordPress Plugin Development – Build A Facebook Footer Link

WordPress Plugin Development – Build A Facebook Footer Link
About this Course

Making websites is a tedious and expensive task, that is until WordPress came along. WordPress shifted the power from the hands of the developers to the hands of the users, allowing them to make simple websites by dragging and dropping things on the page. To make things even easier, they introduced Plugins.

Plugins are small widgets that add to your website, extending features such as integration of media and so on. These plugins modernized the way websites were created and maintained. Now, you can design your very own website and add plugins with this short WordPress Plugin tutorial.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Facebook Link Plugin on your WordPress website from scratch. This will include setting up your WordPress website, and creating your plugin folders, add additional scripts and finally acquainting yourself with the Admin page.

This tiny course packs a large punch! Let’s get integrated


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