Yoga for beginners at home


  • Yoga mat


This course is meant for complete beginners. No prior knowledge required.In this course, I will be teaching basic yoga postures. This can be performed by anybody with complete ease.

I will also be teaching with various props which will help you perform the exact posture easily. We will learn warm-up exercises, sun salutation, standing asana, sitting asana, supine asana and abdominal asanas. We will also cover pranayama and meditation.

I will also be sharing the benefits of all the poses. This class is a great start and can be rewatched while performing yoga at home even when you have gone through the entire course. It will help practice yoga consistently.

Please ensure that you take adequate precaution and not perform any yoga poses in case you have an injury or feeling strain. Yoga is a brilliant tool to enhance your fitness as well as for mental and spiritual well being.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who have started their fitness journey
  • People with minimal or no prior knowledge of yoga or pranayama


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